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What are the uses of heavy load grinding wheels?

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2023/06/12 22:47

Load: As the size of the grease cone penetration is related to the load that can be withstood during use, the grease with small cone penetration (large consistency) should be selected for large load; if it bears both heavy load and impact load, Grease containing extreme pressure additives, such as grease containing molybdenum disulfide, should be selected.

Unified GL-5 heavy load gear oil added a heavy load anti-wear factor, the oil phosphorus content of up to 0.059%, compared with similar products. The sulfur content of the oil is as high as 1.926 percent, ten times higher than that of similar products, which shows that the carrying capacity and wear resistance of the unified GL-5 heavy-duty gear oil are excellent. In addition, the thermal oxidation stability and anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance of the unified GL-5 heavy-duty gear oil are also excellent, which can effectively reduce the formation of deposits and prevent corrosion and rust on the gear surface.

It is reported that with the approach of the Spring Festival, a large number of migrant workers have returned home one after another, the electricity and heating load of residents has increased significantly, and electricity consumption has entered a special time of electricity protection. In order to further improve the healthy operation level of rural distribution network line equipment and ensure that villagers have a bright and warm Spring Festival, the State Grid takes the opportunity of playing a good job and ensuring power supply this winter and next spring as an opportunity to take the initiative to act, actively perform social responsibilities, and strive to solve problems involving people's livelihood such as heavy overload and low voltage. According to the actual situation of rural electricity consumption, the principle of governance is adopted. By comparing the characteristics of electricity consumption during the Spring Festival over the years, planning ahead, making load prediction in advance, and combining the collection of electricity information and the online analysis of heavy overload data in the station area by PMS system, the station area under its jurisdiction is investigated to find out the weak links in the power grid.

berplexBEM41-141 grease, so wind power grease manufacturers believe that if the degree of friction is large, it is appropriate to use wind power grease instead of lubricating oil. If it is really low speed heavy load and high temperature environment, the impact of the larger machinery, should use wind power grease, because the lubricating oil is not easy to maintain the oil film layer. Wind power grease can be used normally even in humid environments with more moisture and ash. For example, bearing lubrication devices that are difficult to seal are more suitable for wind power grease.

With the development of social economy, the load of distribution network is rising, the load of some areas is dense, and the problems such as low voltage at the end and heavy overload in the station area are increasing. The power quality of power supply in the station area has been greatly challenged. At the same time, with the support of national policies, more and more rural distributed photovoltaic users are connected to the rural distribution network, which has changed the power structure of the distribution network, and has brought about the line loss and power quality of the distribution network area.

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