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What are the characteristics of heavy load grinding wheel

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2023/06/05 22:56

Resin bond grinding tools: good self-sharpening, not easy to block, elastic, good polishing; but the strength of the binder matrix is poor, the matrix of diamond control is also poor, poor heat resistance and wear resistance, so it is not easy to do rough grinding wheel, not easy to carry out heavy load grinding

Closely track the winter weather and load changes, sort out the heavy overload lines and main transformer that may occur during the winter, and alleviate the heavy overload situation by adjusting the operation mode and transferring the load in time, so as to meet the demand of urban and rural residents to return home for reunion and winter heating.

The four-column hydraulic press for grinding wheel forming is a special hydraulic press for grinding wheel pressing and forming. It is suitable for forming large and medium-sized ceramic and large resin sheet grinding wheels. It is also suitable for forming sheet resin grinding wheels and various types of grinding wheels. It can also be used for pressing and forming processes of plastic, rubber, powder products or other plastic materials, hardware and electrical appliances and other industrial products. It can also be used for prepressing and hot pressing processes of heavy-duty grinding wheels.

The purpose of using Youbao gear grease is to prevent tooth surface wear and ensure the gear rate and long life. Therefore, the gear grease must have good wear resistance and extreme pressure, but also have rheology, good heat dissipation. Grease is generally used for gear lubrication. Compared with lubricating oil, grease can effectively prevent tearing and jamming, and can be used for heavy load and small size reducer.

For bearings with large load, grease with small cone penetration is usually selected; for bearings with heavy load and impact load, grease containing extreme pressure additives, grease with molybdenum disulfide added

Total TOTALCARTEREP220 Gear Lubricant So what is the difference between these two products? Can the two products be exchanged? Wind power gear oil manufacturers are here to analyze for you: wind power gear oil for medium-load vehicles: various gears operating at low speed, high torque, high speed and low torque, especially hyperbolic gears for passenger cars and other vehicles, stipulate that wind power gear oil for medium-load vehicles is suitable for manual transmissions, spiral bevel gears and hyperbolic gears with less harsh operating conditions. Heavy duty vehicle wind power gear oil: under high speed shock load.

In other words, the greater the viscosity of the lubricating oil or the smaller the cone penetration of the grease, the stronger the oil film carrying capacity, but in the case of heavy load and vibration impact, the oiliness and extreme pressure performance of the lubricating grease are also required to be better.

Code ZA, brown gray color, with high grinding efficiency, low grinding surface roughness, not burn the workpiece and grinding wheel surface, not easy to be blocked, etc., suitable for rough grinding of stainless steel, high molybdenum steel and heat-resistant alloy steel and other difficult grinding materials grinding and heavy load grinding;

Regarding the high-speed torque of Castrol OptigearSynthetic800/220, various gears operating under low-speed conditions, especially hyperbolic gears for passenger cars and other vehicles, it is stipulated that heavy-duty vehicle wind power gear oil is suitable for mild or harsh operating conditions. Curved gears and other gears can also be used for manual transmissions.. Heavy load wind power gear oil can not be replaced by medium load wind power gear oil, otherwise it will cause poor lubrication, increased wear, gear bite and other consequences. The medium load industrial wind power gear oil developed by wind power gear oil manufacturers is a high quality and extreme pressure industrial wind power gear oil.

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