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Classification and Product Introduction of Heavy Load Grinding Wheel

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2023/05/01 23:11

Zirconium corundum melt corrosion resistance is good, as a kind of abrasive, steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel, and a variety of alloy materials have a good grinding effect, can manufacture high-performance heavy-duty zirconium corundum grinding wheel, waste grinding, cutting pieces, rail grinding, high-speed abrasive belt and so on.

Use porous grinding wheel: can reduce the chance of clogging. Manage the type and dosage of oil: sufficient grinding fluid must be provided during grinding, but if the oil is too alkaline, aluminum may turn black and copper and copper alloys will turn green. In copper alloys, there are also cases of blackening due to sulfur-based extreme pressure additives! Wash the grinding wheel thoroughly with clean water as soon as possible after grinding: inhibit the discoloration of the workpiece. Hard PVA grinding wheels can be used for grinding: although they cause more consumption than ceramic grinding wheels, they do not cause clogging and improve the efficiency of grinding operations. However, when using a hard PVA grinding wheel, avoid giving the grinding wheel too much load.

The four-column hydraulic press for grinding wheel forming is a special hydraulic press for grinding wheel pressing and forming. It is suitable for forming large and medium-sized ceramic and large resin sheet grinding wheels. It is also suitable for forming sheet resin grinding wheels and various types of grinding wheels. It can also be used for pressing and forming processes of plastic, rubber, powder products or other plastic materials, hardware and electrical appliances and other industrial products. It can also be used for prepressing and hot pressing processes of heavy-duty grinding wheels.

Zirconium corundum has good melt erosion resistance. As an abrasive, it can manufacture high-performance heavy-duty grinding wheels, and has a good grinding effect on steel parts, cast iron parts, heat-resistant steel, and various alloy materials. In addition, zirconium corundum is also a refractory raw material, an ideal material for making high-performance sliding nozzle and immersion nozzle, and can also be used for making zirconium corundum bricks for glass melting furnaces.

In order to solve the problems that may be encountered in the re-grinding process, we choose the "Japanese concrete grinding wheel" to carry out the grinding process of the tool class! The coagulation grinding wheel replaces the traditional magnesium oxide with epoxy resin binder, which is not easy to rust the grinding machine and the workpiece, and can withstand a large amount of feed and extrusion pressure, thus solving the problem of large feed and grinding wheel pressure bearing in the re-grinding process! Elastic, light weight, only half of the weight of the general cement grinding wheel, the grinding machine load is small, grinding is not inclined. A variety of abrasive forms can adjust the grinding wheel conditions according to the grinding workpiece and process requirements, and can use coarser grain size to achieve the same roughness.

It is suitable for equipment requiring high rigidity, vibration and impact force, and machine tools with high load and heavy cutting. Usually used in machining centers, NC lathes, grinding wheel feed axis, milling machine, vertical or horizontal boring machine, tool guide, mechanical Z axis.

It is widely used in the production and manufacture of refractory materials such as continuous rolling and continuous casting, nozzle, runner, glass furnace and so on in the iron and steel industry. Zirconium corundum has good resistance to melt erosion. As an abrasive, it can produce high-performance heavy-duty grinding wheels, and has a good grinding effect on steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel, and various alloy materials.

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