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What are the characteristics of zirconium corundum grinding wheel

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2023/04/03 23:08

◆ Simple maintenance. The dressing equipment of white corundum grinding wheel can be used instead of expensive dressing equipment. SG abrasive in order to maintain its cutting edge sharp, only requires less dressing, less dressing will get the grinding wheel life, compared with alumina grinding wheel, ceramic corundum abrasive grinding wheel dressing times can be reduced by 80%.

It is a composite oxide of alumina and zirconia. This abrasive is grayish white, with high toughness, high strength and good wear resistance. In the rough grinding, raw grinding and heavy load grinding of steel, it shows the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, good roughness, not easy to burn the workpiece, and the surface of the grinding wheel is not easy to block. It is suitable for heavy load grinding, heat-resistant alloy steel, Cobalt alloy and austenitic stainless steel grinding.

Ceramic corundum abrasive (SG abrasive) is a new type of ceramic alumina abrasive, which is made of sub-micron corundum (Al2O3) crystal, which is synthesized and sintered by sol-gel process. The processing performance of ceramic corundum abrasive grinding wheel is much higher than that of electric fused corundum abrasive grinding wheel, which is between electric fused corundum and cBN, and its price is much lower than cBN, and the dressing equipment of white corundum grinding wheel can be used instead of expensive dressing equipment. Therefore, it fills the gap between ordinary corundum abrasive and superhard cubic boron nitride (cBN) abrasive, and is favored and welcomed by the majority of users.

◆ Good toughness. It is more than twice as high as that of ordinary white corundum abrasive, with less wear and good shape retention of grinding wheel. It is easy to obtain high dimensional precision and consistency of size and shape for precision grinding and molding grinding;

Diamond roller for dressing white corundum brown corundum grinding wheel-high precision and cost-effective dresser. Diamond rollers for dressing white corundum brown corundum grinding wheels. White corundum brown corundum grinding wheel dressing with diamond rollers in bearing gears crankshaft screw drill bits and other industries. Diamond molding dressing roller referred to as diamond roller, it is a new technology, it has the advantages of simple mechanism, short dressing time, long service life (up to), high dressing accuracy (up to 2 m), high efficiency, easy to achieve grinding automation please contact. It is mainly used for dressing corundum and silicon carbide grinding wheels with complex surfaces. Diamond roller for dressing white corundum brown corundum grinding wheel-high

The outer layer of the ceramic-lined wear-resistant pipe is steel pipe, and the inner layer is corundum ceramic. The hardness of corundum ceramic layer is as high as HV, which is equivalent to tungsten-cobalt cemented carbide, and its wear resistance is more than 20 times higher than that of carbon steel pipe. It is much superior to the corundum grinding wheel that is usually bonded. Now corundum grinding wheel is still a variety of grinding machine grinding hardened steel main grinding wheel.

Good resistance to melt erosion, as an abrasive, can manufacture high-performance heavy-duty grinding wheel, steel, cast iron, heat-resistant steel, and various alloy materials have a good grinding effect; In addition, it is a refractory raw material, is the ideal material for the production of high-performance sliding nozzle and immersion nozzle, and can also be used for the production of glass melting furnace bricks.

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