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What are the characteristics of the grinding wheel saw blade?

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2023/03/27 23:31

The specifications and dimensions of the grinding wheel saw blade Raw materials: The diameter of the grinding wheel used by the spring steel saw blade CNC grinding machine is 150mm, the diameter is 25mm, and the wall thickness is selected according to the tooth type and pitch of the saw blade. Grinding wheel raw material according to the type of grinding wheel saw blade material. According to experience, the particle size distribution is in the middle of 60-100, and the strength is in the middle of K-N. The main use of ceramic sintering method to manufacture the grinding wheel, but also widely used other epoxy resin and plastic bonding method to manufacture the grinding wheel. In all kinds of environments, it is very important to choose a grinding wheel with high cost performance and relatively stable balance. Grinding wheel clamping cover and middle maintenance plate: The new machine is shipped with a set of grinding wheel clamping cover and middle battery protection plate. The maintenance tab in the middle is made of a strong and elastic silver glue, which is used to form an elastic connection between the grinding wheel and the clamping cover. If it cannot be used, the grinding wheel is very easy to crack and extremely dangerous. When removing the grinding wheel or clamping cover, attention should be paid to cleaning, and dust, wear debris and debris should not be allowed to enter the rolling bearing of the grinding wheel spindle bearing. In addition, do not destroy the clamping cover when transporting. Grinding wheel saw blade thickness selection: the thickness of the grinding wheel saw blade is selected according to the tooth profile and pitch to be cut. The thickness of the arc tooth grinding wheel is about 1/2 of the cutting pitch, and its appearance is semicircular. The thickness of the grinding wheel for triangular teeth is about 1/3 of the cutting pitch, and its appearance is obtuse. Grinding wheel installation and testing: Hot rolled strip steel grinding wheel manufacturers and fiber reinforced epoxy resin laser cutting grinding wheel manufacturers tell you that before assembling the grinding wheel, check whether the grinding wheel is damaged. When assembling the grinding wheel, ensure that the assembly is not difficult. However, it must be noted that the gap between the diameter of the grinding wheel and the clamping cover of the grinding wheel can not be very large. Otherwise, the grinding wheel will also produce axial force centripetal force, resulting in relatively large vibration and noise. After the installation, the grinding wheel should be rotated as much as possible for a few minutes, during which time all personnel can not enter the danger zone.

Abrasives: general abrasives, porcelain abrasives, epoxy resin abrasives, plastic abrasives, diamond bitter soil abrasives, terrazzo, grinding wheels, sand tiles, grinding paste, etc. Metallurgical material products, diamond grinding wheel, boron nitride grinding wheel, diamond grinding disc, diamond saw blade, diamond blade, diamond engineering project twist drill, diamond pressure roller, grinding wheel, grinding block, soft grinding sheet, diamond electroplating process products, diamond grinding paste, diamond wire drawing die, diamond numerical control blade, boron nitride numerical control blade, diamond wire saw cutting, etc.; coated abrasive tools: dry abrasive paper, dry abrasive cloth, water-resistant sandpaper, ultra-polished sandpaper; semi-resin sand casting cloth roll, full resin sand casting cloth roll, moisture-resistant and acid-resistant sandpaper roll, abrasive metal material sandpaper roll, special soft sandpaper roll, paper-based sandcloth roll, mesh structure sandcloth, sand disc, disc, page wheel, polishing sheet, elastic sponge grinding block, etc.

Before the pipeline construction, the pipeline will be tested first and the current material specifications for pipeline production and processing will be calculated. Pipe cutting method: for galvanized pipes, pipe cutting knife, grinding wheel automatic cutting machine or sawing are selected, and seamless steel pipes are cut with oxygen. The wound surface of the pipeline shall be neat and free of cracks, heavy skin, burrs, necking, deep pits, slag, metal oxides, iron pins, etc. The skew error of the wound port shall not be greater than 1% of the outer diameter of the tube and shall not be greater than 3mm.

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