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What are the uses of grinding wheel saw blades?

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2023/03/13 22:55

According to the situation of the little girl's finger being stuck, the firemen first mashed the ice cubes and applied them around the little girl's index finger. After the index finger was slightly swollen, the firemen comforted and encouraged the little girl's mood. Then, they immediately polished and cut the iron piece holding the little girl's right index finger with small grinding wheel saw, hand saw and pointed-nose pliers. In order to ensure the little girl's finger, the firemen protected and cooled her fingers.

As an enterprise that developed and realized the industrialization of diamond wire saw earlier in the industry, the diamond grinding wheel and diamond wire series products produced by Sanchao are widely used in precision cutting tools, semiconductors, automobile manufacturing and other fields. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise said that at present, the photovoltaic and semiconductor industries have the strongest demand for orders, and the production plan has been fully arranged.

According to the size and installation requirements, the grid shall be reasonably cut and processed without affecting the internal performance of the grid, and the cut end face shall be coated with resin. The glass fiber reinforced plastic groove cover plate can be cut on site with ceramic disc or emery disc cutter, and the electric saw or hacksaw with metal cutting blade can be used for cutting the grid opening, arc and other arc lines. More than 12mm holes can be drilled by ordinary drilling machine twist drill, and small holes can be drilled by hand-portable electric hole processing machine or general hand electric drill. Sanding can be carried out with a portable angle grinder, grinder, ordinary file and sandpaper.

The rebar cutting shall be carried out by rebar cutting; before the rebar blocking. First, the length of the material on the steel bar will be used to make a significant symbol of the blocking direction. Steel bar processing and binding (1) steel bar blanking standard. When blocking, the material shall be cut according to the batching list after mistake, and the steel bar can be cut manually with iron tongs. Under single condition, grinding wheel saw can also be used for steel bar cutting! Align the cutting symbol with the blade and put the steel bar into the cutting slot to cut it; when the steel bar is thin! Plastic runway after the bottom paving, surface spraying and other tight construction process.

For materials with lower hardness, saws, cars, planers and other processing methods can be used; for materials with higher hardness, grinding wheel slicer cutting or electric spark cutting can be used.

In the early morning of the 4th, the masses called the police and said that someone was sawing a small truck with a grinder near the people's Hospital of Heping County, and it was suspected that it was being carried out. After receiving the police, the auxiliary police on duty rushed to the scene and found a man holding a cutting machine cutting the power cord of a minivan. The police officers immediately subdued the suspicious man, seized 16 batteries at the scene, and found 7 minivans. The batteries of the van were stolen. After interrogation, the suspect Zeng (male, from Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City) confessed to his truck battery behavior.

Sheet metal workers commonly used tools and a variety of small power tools. There are many types of power tools with different uses and usages. Commonly used small power tools are electric scissors, electric grinding wheel saw, electric pipe cutting machine, electric drill, electric wrench, electric angle to the frosted turbine and so on. Attention should be paid when using electric tools to prevent electric shock and mechanical injury accidents.

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