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What are the characteristics of the grinding wheel saw blade

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2023/03/06 23:07

The opening method is correct: when cutting ampoules with grinding wheel, alcohol should be used to disinfect ampoules first and then cutting with grinding wheel. cutting with excessive force should not be used, and the cutting marks should not be too deep and long, with 1/4 of the bottleneck. The bottleneck can be broken after the application of alcohol disinfection after cutting saw, research shows that the use of spray disinfection, ampoule bottleneck glass debris greatly reduced.

Among them, wet grinding wheel cutting is the cutting method of metallographic specimen. Because the high pressure cooling water is added in the cutting process, it can prevent damage due to surface overheating. And electric spark wire cutting, saw or laser cutting and other methods will lead to poor quality of material cutting.

The interception method of the sample may vary depending on the properties of the metal material. For soft materials, sawing, car, planing and other methods can be used; for hard materials, grinding wheel slicer cutting or electric spark cutting and other methods can be used; for hard and brittle materials, such as white cast iron, hammering method can be used; Sampling on large workpiece, oxygen cutting and other methods can be used.

For materials with lower hardness, saws, cars, planers and other processing methods can be used; for materials with higher hardness, grinding wheel slicer cutting or electric spark cutting can be used. Specific cutting methods are:

New customer development capabilities, a large number of customers and continued growth, clean energy and other emerging areas of growth is considerable. The company's main customer groups include consumer electronics accessories manufacturers, photovoltaic diamond wire saw manufacturers, ceramic processing tool manufacturers, oil exploration tool manufacturers, etc. The micro-powder customers for wire saw include,, and other leading domestic diamond wire saw enterprises. The main customers of grinding micropowder include consumer electronics leaders (the parent company is the global provider of intelligent equipment appearance structure and module solutions, and its market share in 2020 based on the value of shipments); the main customers of micro-powder for composite film are the leading domestic composite film enterprise Safangda; grinding wheel and its other micro-powder customers include domestic ceramic stone diamond tools leading enterprises.

Make sure that the saw blade is installed and rotated in the correct direction. Do not use grinding wheels, wire brushes, or grinding wheels on table saws. Improper installation of the saw blade or the use of recommend accessories may cause serious consequences.

Principle of electric rail cutting machine: According to the cutting principle of toothless saw, the swing mechanism is used to make the rotating thin plate grinding wheel axis swing back and forth along a certain track around the rail axis, and the thin plate grinding wheel cuts the rail. The contact length between the rotating plane of the thin sheet grinding wheel and the rail section is small, so as to reduce the wear of the thin sheet grinding wheel and improve the utilization rate and efficiency of the thin sheet grinding wheel. 1, the main movement: by the motor, drive V belt drive to make the spindle (thin grinding wheel) rotation. 2, feed motion: the use of the relative swing of the cutting arm and swing arm, by the weight of the rail cutting machine to achieve the sheet grinding wheel feed cutting motion. Cutting arm spindle sheet grinding wheel back

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