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What you need to know about resin cutting pieces

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2023/03/03 20:17

The commonly used cutting pieces are mainly resin cutting pieces and diamond cutting pieces. The resin cutting pieces mainly use binder resin and abrasive as the main materials, which can cut hard metal materials with high cutting efficiency and high precision. Diamond cutting pieces are composed of matrix and diamond segments, and are mainly used for cutting stone, ceramics, concrete and other non-metallic materials.

Commonly used abrasive products include resin cutting grinding wheel, resin grinding disc, resin cutting disc, zirconium corundum louver blade, resin ultra-thin cutting disc, elastic grinding disc, nylon wheel, zirconium corundum belt, etc. Return to Sohu to see more.

The cutting piece is a thin sheet used for cutting metal. It mainly uses glass fiber, resin and abrasive as reinforcing materials. Because of its strong impact resistance and strong bending strength, it is widely used in ordinary steel, stainless steel and other metals and non-metals. Cutting.

Mainly used for cutting solid steel rods, hollow tubes, carbon steel profiles, etc. Will use large diameter cutting piece, large diameter resin cutting. The life and cutting quality of the cutting blade directly affect the customer's production cost and product quality.

He uses products developed by science and technology for metallographic cutting pieces. According to different metallographic styles and materials, he has developed cutting pieces suitable for metallographic sampling. Moreover, various specifications of supporting products are complete and suitable for cutting machines of different models and specifications at home and abroad, thus replacing similar products of other specialties. Therefore, he has passed the test in these two aspects. Moreover, all the pieces are made of high-strength resin and the preferred abrasive is not easy to break, the cutting is very sharp, and the interference can be reduced to a certain extent, which can provide good preparation for the next step.

Generally speaking, the choice is the wheel sand cutting piece, which is made of ordinary steel, and some are made of stainless steel or metal. Can be made into a thin piece, some diamond, some resin type.

If the resin type is selected, its main material is resin, and glass fiber is also added, combined with other materials. This cutting blade can take two ways. Can choose dry or wet cutting method, the accuracy is relatively high. If the choice is diamond, suitable for some concrete or natural stone and other hard surface processing.

In addition to product quality, German abrasive enterprises strictly follow the production process and production process, but also pay attention to the environmental protection and performance of the products. For example, the front signs of resin cutting pieces and cymbal pieces are marked with protection and protection methods, and follow the standards (ISO, FEPA, VDS) and product series codes, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of injuries in the actual use of the product. In case of injuries, the same batch of products can be effectively retrieved and recalled to analyze the cause of the accident.

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