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Grinding wheel saw blade manufacturer, grinding crankshaft grinding wheel manufacturer: advantages of fiber reinforced resin cutting grinding wheel

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2023/03/03 20:17

When grinding with diamond grinding wheel saw blade, the base material of diamond grinding wheel has large variation, inconsistent thickness and large tolerance of inner hole. When the above congenital defects of the substrate have problems, no matter what kind of machine equipment is used, there is a grinding deviation. The large deformation of the substrate causes 2 side angle deviations; inconsistent material thickness may cause deviation angle and cutter head deviation angle errors. If the cumulative dimensional tolerance is too large, the quality and precision of the saw blade will be seriously endangered. Electric welding welding elements. When welding, the appropriate error of the aluminum alloy pair endangers the grinding precision, resulting in high working pressure of the grinding wheel and low working pressure of the grinding wheel. The above elements also appear in the back angle, welding welding perspective is not good, inevitable human factors, all kinds of factors are on the grinding wheel and other factors cause inevitable harm. Hazards of diamond grinding wheel quality and particle size distribution length. When the diamond wheel is used to carry out the running-in period, it is necessary to pay attention to the particle size distribution of the diamond wheel. If the particle size distribution is too coarse, grinding wheel marks will be produced. The fine grinding wheel with particle size distribution is very easy to block and has a small amount of grinding. The diameter and total width of the grinding wheel are the length, width and thickness of the aluminum alloy, or the different types of tooth profiles and various surfaces of the aluminum alloy. Different types of tooth profile can be arbitrary grinding, front angle or angle grinding wheel is different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable type of grinding wheel.. All saw blades will be polished with the substrate as the core, do not take the wound as the core. The plane grinding center cannot be taken out, and the CNC machining center with the front angle and the previous angle cannot grind a saw blade well. The core of the saw blade can not be ignored in the three grinding and polishing links. When grinding the edge, carefully observe the thickness of aluminum alloy, and the grinding core will change with different thickness. Regardless of the thickness of the aluminum alloy, the grinding wheel axis should maintain a straight line with the welding position when grinding the surface, otherwise the angle difference will affect the cutting. Regardless of the structure of all a gear milling machine, the precision of the tooth seating mark is mainly tailored to the grinding quality. The clamping mechanism is strong, stable and reliable, and is a key part of polishing quality. In all grinding links, the clamping mechanism cannot be loosened, otherwise the milling error will be more serious and uncontrollable. Grinding stroke arrangement of diamond grinding wheel. Regardless of the various parts of the grinding saw blade, the grinding stroke arrangement of the grinding wheel is very important. Generally, it is most appropriate for the grinding wheel to exceed the product workpiece by 1mm or to withdraw from the product workpiece by 1mm, otherwise the journal will also produce two cutting edges. Program process selection: general grinding has coarse, fine, grinding three different program process options. According to the product regulations, it is proposed to carry out the fine polishing procedure when grinding the deflection angle in the middle and late stages.

With the rapid development of electronic devices, machinery and equipment, electronic optics and other industries, fiber-reinforced resin cutting wheels have given relatively high requirements for the processing surface quality and production efficiency of hard non-metallic materials such as photovoltaic cells, stainless steel plates, and carbide tools. The advantages of fiber-reinforced resin cutting grinding wheels are good toughness and low sensitivity to impact and impact pressure. Its stable performance enables it to adapt to higher speeds and improve grinding characteristics, so it is particularly suitable for grinding wheels and cutting wheels. Its excellent elasticity makes it suitable for fine grinding and surface polishing. High toughness, high speed operation: with the continuous development of excellent varieties of modified material resin, the strength of fiber reinforced resin cutting wheel has been greatly improved, and the speed ratio of grinding wheel has been significantly improved. Wide range of applications: the comprehensive application of large and medium-sized fiber reinforced resin cutting grinding wheels has been improved, and gradually become large and medium-sized soil wear-resistant materials. At the same time, the application range of resin grinding wheel is very wide, just we can think of the industry has already used it. Advantages of fiber-reinforced resin cutting grinding wheels in metal cutting: Fiber-reinforced resin cutting grinding wheels can be widely used, and are closely related to their own advantages. When cutting metal materials, chemical fiber grinding wheel saw blade manufacturers and grinding drive shaft grinding wheel manufacturers will tell you that strong resin cutting grinding wheels mainly have the following advantages: sorry cutting rate, when cutting metal composite materials, the average cutting speed of the cutting wheel is other cutting methods. High cutting precision. Cut with a grinding wheel. Its cutting width and cutting flatness. Generally speaking, it is better than metal sawing. The cutting surface is smooth, and the sand physics generally does not need deep processing after cutting. The saw blade cut a piece very clearly. It can be used to cut hard materials, such as hardened steel and metal carbides, and hard and brittle non-metallic materials. The cost is low, and the cutting cost of fiber-reinforced resin cutting wheel is significantly lower than other cutting methods.

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