Healthy and Orderly Development of Abrasive Industry

Luo Baihui, CEO of Golden Model Network, believes that in order to maintain the healthy and orderly development of the abrasive industry, the following problems need to be solved: the production capacity of enterprises is scattered, the scale is small and the efficiency is low. At present, the scale structure of abrasive enterprises in China is still unreasonable, the industrial concentration is low, and small enterprises still account for a large proportion. The research and development capability of new products is weak, and domestic abrasive products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end-end-end market, and the lack of high-end technology products, mainly rely on imports, can only meet the automotive, aerospace, machine tools, bearings, locomotives and ships and other industries demand about 1/3; overcapacity, low-end product homogeneity is serious, which corundum production is particularly prominent.
Abrasives market survey report shows that the beginning of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" has brought great development opportunities and challenges to the development of the abrasive industry. Energy saving, emission reduction and clean production will be displayed in the production field of abrasive industry. In addition, the national policies on machinery, shipbuilding, automobiles, aircraft and other fields will also have a great impact on the production and development of abrasive. Abrasive enterprises should seek breakthroughs in the direction of technological innovation and research and development of new products, develop high-end abrasive products, and reduce import dependence. It is expected that the development tone of the abrasives industry in the next five years will also become the tone of the entire national economic policy.